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Photoafacial is a light based treatment that delivers an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that is absorbed by its chosen target such as Collagen (improving tone) Acne,  Pigmented lesions (hyperpigmentation, sun damage) Vascular lesions (broken capillaries, spider veins, redness) without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.


IPL treatments remain the gold standard of treatment within the medi-spa and esthetic industry for achieving results safely and naturally. 
An IPL operates on a wide range of wavelengths, therefore one IPL machine can treat more than one condition by setting the correct parameters of the machine according to the skin type and the target to be treated without injuring anything else.

The benefits of intense pulsed light therapy cover almost the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology. When performed by a qualified Laser Technician, a photofacial treatment can help nearly all aspects of skin aesthetics and structure.

Who Would Benefit from IPL Photofacials? 

  • Acneic skin conditions (the IPL will destroy the P. bacteria allowing for healthy cell formation)

  • Sun damaged Skin, brown spots 

  • Rosacea prone skin - the IPL will diffuse the redness 

  • Loss of Collagen and Elasticity

Is it painful?
​NO! If the parameters of the machine are set correctly, there should be very little to no discomfort during the treatment. This is why it is of the utmost importance to seek a Certified, Professional Laser Technician that you trust comes highly recommended by others.
Most describe the treatment as a quick, sharp snap followed by a feeling of warmth within the skin. 

How Many Treatments will I need?
When targeting a specific condition it is recommended for best results to have a series of 6 treatments performed at monthly intervals while performing a customized regime as designed by your technician. However, we are all individuals some may need more, some need less but this will be assessed during the consultation process. 
​**All of our IPL treatments are performed  Mindy Biggar, Certified Laser Technician, Facial & Skincare Specialist (please allow 8-12 weeks availability for appointments)


Per Session     
IPL Full Face & Neck Photofacial $275
IPL Full Face & Neck Photofacial & Facial $335
Hand Treatment       from $75
Touch Ups                from $125
Spot Treatment        from $75  

Spot Treatments Available only after recommended series is completed, maximum 4 sessions or package will be required)


Minimum of 6 treatments is required (unless otherwise indicated during consultation) to obtain optimum results.
Additional treatments may be required. 


Mindy Biggar Co-Owner of The Spa West 9th Street is a Multi-Award Winning Esthetician & Certified Laser Technician who has travelled throughout North America and Europe to obtain and further her education in search of the highest quality products treatments and education from some of the industries leading experts.

Mindy has spent many years as a sought after
North American Educator headlining and presenting at Industry trade shows.
She has had the privilege to be an Industry Judge for many competitions including the lead judge for the Ontario division of
​Canadian Spa of the Year.
She has contributed to many industry publications and "Ask the Expert" columns including Les Nouvelle Esthetique, American Spa & Day Spa Magazines.



*Please allow 3-6 months for appointments with Mindy Biggar   

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