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At OSSLC we approach skin & wellness treatments with commitment. Skin wellness is a journey. It doesn’t happen over night and it certainly doesn’t happen in one treatment. With treatment in our clinic we will design a treatment plan of 3,6,9 or 12 treatments along with a simple home care regime to suit your needs and your budget to get you to your end goal! 


Whether you are looking to age gracefully, tame inflammation or treat acne, our treatments and products will assist you with achieving your skin goals without down time, side affects or invasive therapy. 


Our product partner Environ was chosen for their performance. 

Environ is a multi award winning powerful medical grade product line created by one of the top plastic surgeons in the world. This trademarked step up system of 

Vitamin A products deliver a low and slow approach of introducing retinol to the skin without the traditional side affects. 





I've had many facials - in Zurich, London, New York and of course Toronto and the facial I had at this spa was probably the best I've ever had. Sue Y.


I have absolutely loved my laser appointments with Ashley! She makes me feel comfortable, and took the time to educate me about the procedures, the safety, and the process of the laser against my follicles. She is wonderful to work with, and is very knowledgeable. 
Laser is painless and so quick! I highly recommend Owen sound skin & laser! - Kendra S.

I have had nothing but positive experiences during all my visits to Owen Sound Skin & Laser Co.  The staff are incredibly professional and extremely knowledgeable about their product line and the science behind it.  I appreciate that they regularly seek out training on different techniques and products to ensure that they are consistently offering an exemplary product.  Additionally, it’s obvious that they hold client health and safety to the highest standards.  The facility is immaculate, and their adherence to current Covid-safe protocols is excellent, which is extremely reassuring for their clientele. - Angela Gowan

NO MORE WARTS! - "For those reading this, you may have been in this very situation most of your life where you have had to deal with unsightly warts that may have been painful, itchy or dry on certain parts of your body. I too, had a couple of warts on both of my hands and sought consultation with the technicians. It only took two sessions of near painless laser treatment and both are fully gone with ZERO SCARRING! I highly recommend you contact them immediately if you are in the same boat!" ​- Kelly

"I love my laser hair treatment, its pain free and much better than waxing. After every session I am noticing huge improvements and less hair coming in each time." - Jonah Gadjovich

"Quality Service! Quality Product! Quality Experience!  As a long time customer I have always been impressed with the commitment and dedication to service and product, making every appointment a wonderfully relaxing, inspiring and informative time. 
Mindy & Heather have created a wonderful ambiance at and I always leave feeling at my best (both inside and out).  I can't wait to  finish building my home care regime suited just for me." 

Yvonne Korince                                                                            

"I struggled with acne for 10 years and after trying every (and I mean EVERY) product, both over the counter and prescription, I finally found the best remedy... Mindy!!!
From the moment I met Mindy, she assured me that she could change my skin and reduce the amount and severity of my acne.  Although a little skeptical that facial treatments were going to solve my problems, I booked an appointment.   

I met with Mindy once a week for 5 weeks, each time seeing a noticeable difference in the tone, texture and clarity of my skin.  Mindy took time each visit to re-evaluate her plan of action to ensure that I would receive the greatest benefit from each treatment.  She would also take time to ensure that the home care routine she devised during my first visit was still providing me with the care that my skin needed and the results that I wanted.  It has been a few months since I had my first treatment with Mindy and I can happily say that I no longer consider myself an acne sufferer.  I have clear skin that experiences a few minor breakouts due to food sensitivities, stress and hormone fluctuations.  I truly enjoy Mindy’s unbelievable facial treatments and the wonderful skincare lines used and sold at Owen Sound Skin & Laser Co.  I love that I can continue to use the same products at home that were used during my treatment and I know I won’t react or breakout because there are no harsh chemicals that will harm my skin. Mindy’s knowledge of everything skincare is remarkable and her dedication and passion for both her profession and clients is amazing. 
Mindy has made me love my skin again and I cannot thank her enough!" - Whitney


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