We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service, products, ingredients, impeccable sanitation and disinfection practices, exceptional education and service standards. Our attention to detail will be sure to provide you with service and products that will be 


Our Award Winning studio is located steps from the beautiful River District in the downtown core and is highly recognized and recommended for the best facial, facial therapy, skincare and laser services in the Grey & Bruce area. When you enter our elegant, tranquil studio you will find on our main floor our reception area, comfortable waiting lounge and our soon to be added main floor treatment room. Our large retail area offers award winning homecare products from our spa partners such as our organic line Eminence Organics, Bend Beauty, Glam Sleep and our Medical Grade Skin care line from Environ.

Our second floor holds spacious treatment rooms and a yoga & meditation studio. 

Your experience at our Facial Studio & Laser Clinic is dedicated to providing you with the safest, most up to date treatments and products while respecting the delicate nature of your skin wellness. We pride ourselves in providing the best of the best to all of our guests.


Our Mission Statement at The Spa West 9th Street, Our first choice is to always choose reputable partners who care about our health, your health and that of our environment!

your skin...REBORN




NO MORE WARTS! - "For those reading this, you may have been in this very situation most of your life where you have had to deal with unsightly warts that may have been painful, itchy or dry on certain parts of your body. I too, had a couple of warts on both of my hands and sought consultation with The Spa West 9th Street. It only took two sessions on near painless laser treatment and both are fully gone with ZERO SCARRING! I highly recommend you contact them immediately if you are in the same boat!" ​- Kelly

"I love my laser hair treatment at the spa, its pain free and much better than waxing. After every session I am noticing huge improvements and less hair coming in each time." - Jonah Gadjovich

"Quality Service! Quality Product! Quality Experience!  As a long time customer of The Spa West 9th Street, I have always been impressed with the commitment and dedication to service and product, making every appointment a wonderfully relaxing, inspiring and informative time. 
Mindy & Heather have created a wonderful ambiance at The Spa and I always leave feeling at my best (both inside and out).     Congratulations to you both for stepping it up one more level with Eminence products.  I can't wait to  finish building my skincare regime with all the Eminence product suited just for me."  - Yvonne Korince                                                                            

"I struggled with acne for 10 years and after trying every (and I mean EVERY) product, both over the counter and prescription, I finally found the best remedy... Mindy and The Spa West 9th Street. 
From the moment I met Mindy, she assured me that she could change my skin and reduce the amount and severity of my acne.  Although a little skeptical that facial treatments were going to solve my problems, I booked an appointment.   

I met with Mindy once a week for 5 weeks, each time seeing a noticeable difference in the tone, texture and clarity of my skin.  Mindy took time each visit to re-evaluate her plan of action to ensure that I would receive the greatest benefit from each treatment.  She would also take time to ensure that the home care routine she devised during my first visit was still providing me with the care that my skin needed and the results that I wanted.  It has been a few months since I had my first treatment with Mindy and I can happily say that I no longer consider myself an acne sufferer.  I have clear skin that experiences a few minor breakouts due to food sensitivities, stress and hormone fluctuations.  I truly enjoy Mindy’s unbelievable facial treatments and the wonderful organic skincare line that is used and sold at The Spa.  I love that I can continue to use the same products at home that were used during my treatment and I know I won’t react or breakout because there are no harsh chemicals that will harm my skin. Mindy’s knowledge of everything skincare is remarkable and her dedication and passion for both her profession and clients is amazing. 
Mindy has made me love my skin again and I cannot thank her enough!" - Whitney

I met with Mindy Biggar at The Spa West 9th Street this morning, she went over what the facial would entail and also made sure to check if I had any allergies (A very important step for someone like me as I am allergic to everything)  She explained the new line of products that she would be using and that they were all natural, handmade products.  (Again something that is very important to me)  Mindy was very educated in what she was doing, she took a look at my pores and my skin type and then decided what type of a facial she would be doing according to MY needs.  She also told me what I could do at home to improve my skin care.  

We started with a blueberry cleanser which smelled so delicious I almost made a lunge for the jar, I guess I shouldn't have skipped breakfast.  She then used an exfoliant that was made from rice grains, it was much gentler then some exfoliants I have used in the past.  Next it was onto the Hungarian Mud Masque which was very soothing and warm with its spices which include cinnamon and paprika to rid the skin of toxins and increase circulation.  There were a couple more applications including a Stone Crop Masque which rehydrated my dry skin, along with a wonderful neck, arm and hand massage and then I was up and back to work.  One word for those who are booking a facial...take the day off so that you can continue that relaxed feeling throughout the day instead of heading into work.  I so badly wanted to just grab a hot chocolate, a good book and curl up in front of a fire for the rest of the day...unfortunately that wasn't in the cards.
Mindy said she would make a facial fiend out of me and I have to tell you...she has me converted       Nicky Robertson 92.3 The Dock

"Thank you for providing me with the peace of mind and the simple fact that I feel safe when these organic products are applied to my hair and skin! This would not be possible if it was not for your incredible commitment in finding the best organic products for your clients. This is so appreciated! You both set great examples that beauty also comes from the inside as much as comes from the outside." - Kim Davis